mint condition

I apparently have missed some news. Seriously, I don’t even know when this happened. As it’s my lunch hour I don’t really feel like googling it… Also I’m pretty certain it’s been years, and that’s just going to make me feel bad about myself. Ignoring my fragile psyche, the UK had a coin redesign!

Not only a “redesign” The Royal Mint held a contest to design the new coins, which is awesome—I bet we’d have cool currency too if there were currency design contests here. Anyway, out of 4,000 entries Matt Dent’s design won. The design was created by having each coin between the penny and the fifty pence piece feature part of an image from the shield of the Royal Arms on the pound. It’s like a money puzzle! It would be even cooler if the small coins added up to a pound, but that’s just crazy concept talk.

You can see more about this over at The D&AD Blog.


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