geek love

Valentine’s day is coming up. I don’t usually celebrate it, not because I’m a love hater or something… let’s go with, er, circumstance? Yep, that was awesome.

You know what actually is awesome? Geek love.

Card top
, by Dingbatpress. Available here: <p></p>.
Cards bottom
, by Pop+Shorty. Available here: You Are The CSS To My HTML and With You, Life Is In All Caps.

So dorky, so adorable… it’s adorkable! Oh, man, that was terrible. Can you believe I actually have plans this year?

And if you are feeling down about Vday, don’t you worry. It’s actually one of the most fun days of the year to be single. Go out. Everyone not eating at some prefix restaurant is single, and, assuming they’re not crying in public or mainlining tequila and saying they’re so glad you’re nothing like their ex, they’re probably glass half full people. And glass half full people are fun. Yay!


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