So, ticings are thin sheets of edible icing printed with contemporary designs using food-grade inks… That’s the long description. The short description is: ticings are dreamy.

I am not a baker. In fact my chef skills are, ahem, limited. Still, I have been trying to make some strides, and I think little things like ticings may not only make making things more fun, but may actually make my pathetic little kitchen attempts more palatable as well.

… I wish I’d known about these before Valentine’s. I mean seriously how floored would you be to see me whip these out?
“Oh, those? Yeah I just threw something together. No big deal.”

3 Responses to “baked.”
  1. nobiggirlsblouse says:

    They are fabulous, I’m off to see if they will ship to the UK!

  2. Cristian says:

    what beautiful cupcakes i see! it would make me almost not want to eat them…key word being almost.

  3. rebeccapaull says:

    i know I posted this and have been wanting to eat a cupcake ever since.

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