Sometimes when I’m looking for a smile I go look at bicycles. Oh, how I love bicycles! Today’s guilty pleasure bike shop was Brooks. They are one of the oldest saddle shops in the world and were once owned by Raliegh, another fav… They also have many happy pictures sure to turn a frown upside down! Super.

Below left is a Mercian bicycle made with Paul Smith, that I really didn’t do justice. You should go take a peek at the Mercian site.

How awesome was that bike seat? AWESOME. swoon… That saddle is like the bicycle equivalent of a parlour, or any room you decorate so perfectly that you’re actually afraid to use it.

That sign is adorable too.

Thank you bikes. Thank you Brooks.


I have no idea how to put in a break code in wordpress.

Do you?

I don’t…

I’m just writing shit in white.

It’s embarrassing.
… Okay I couldn’t help myself: The Paul Smith bikes. Just LOOK at those colors! And the frame with the “barber shop pole” paint job? So perfect.


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