into the fold

Ah yes, we’re talking about my continued faith in Studio On Fire

Another fine piece of press work off Studio On Fire‘s blog Beast Pieces. This piece was created for Many Folds Farm, the new food adventure of Rebecca and Ross Williams (check out their blog on passion for food and land here.)

Unlike many pieces I’ve shown these cards were designed and pressed by Studio On Fire. Yes, folks they are not only letterpress production, but are an actual design studio, with beautiful work. What’s great about when they get to be on both sides of the project, press and design, is how well they understand the capabilities of the press and work it into the design—The diecut, boarder detailing and shaded letter work is just really lovely classic work. Kudos kids.

One Response to “into the fold”
  1. richele says:

    don’t they continually rock your world? they do mine.

    *sigh* I feel like a total amateur hack when I look at their work.

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