I think I’ve mentioned this before, but in case I haven’t, I play in a competitive bocce ball league on Sundays.

It’s hard-core.

… Actually it’s not, aptly illustrated this Sunday when we derailed the game to go stare at a baby in an owl hat. Nothing says competitive like a bunch of girls cooing over a baby in an owl hat? But oh my goodness you should have seen the owl hat! I don’t even remember if the baby was a boy or a girl, I was too busy thinking about other hats I may someday dress a baby in.

Knowing only that the seller was from etsy I went on a hunt for baby owl hats. Let me tell you babies in owl hats are a pretty big think on etsy. But I am fairly confident that I found the hat (ignore the fact that that child is eating an extension cord):

OH. MY. GOD. SHARK HAT. Honestly this etsy site is the equivalent of a my little pony punching you in the face; So adorable it’s painful.
(side bar: when did my little pony get so creepy?)

So, yeah, if that shark didn’t get you hopefully contemplative pikachu, happy feet, saddest frog in all the world or potentially suicidal bear will. (I named them!) Oh pooh bear, buck up, you look adorable!

The seller is NYrika, and as a warning she won’t have anything on sale again until March 10th… so you have just enough time to get impregnated. I’m kidding, but all of my friends having babies you may want to let me know now if you don’t want a tiny shark or owl baby—I am already plotting. (433 this means you)


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