POSTER FRIDAY// albert exergian

Last night I had a dream I was on 90210 (old school.) I eventually woke up. When I fell back asleep I dreamt I was on a panel of writers/producers/TVexecs and was somehow instrumental in the making of 90210, and was answering questions about it. As I was waking up the only really distinct thing I recall is thinking that I really understood the plight of Ian Ziering—a notion that had me laughing straight through my shower and my whole subway ride to Manhattan.

Now, I am fairly certain this foray into 90s television was related to the This American Life episode I listened to yesterday, but I doubt it’d be a stretch for 90210 to enter my mind for no apparent reason. To put it simply, I’ve watched a LOT of TV in my life, and I’m pretty certain it’s had a big effect on me. So I couldn’t help but love these posters that my friend Chris sent me.

This normally wouldn’t be my choice for the intro piece, but did I mention Chris has been known to go by “Mugyver”? And for the record, I’m still vetoing that nickname Chris.

The posters are so simple. Aside from being cute they’re just a lovely study on messaging in minimalism.

All posters were found on the site Blanka. About the posters it said:

Created out of a love for posters, modernism and television, there wasn’t a client out there to commission such a job so Austrian designer Albert Exergian wrote his own brief and created this self initiated series of posters throwing all of the above inspirations into the creative melting pot.

I had forgotten all about Home Improvement. That fence really cracked me up.

2 Responses to “POSTER FRIDAY// albert exergian”
  1. Cristian says:

    these are rad! sad there isn’t a Buffy one though! I can imagine just a pointy stake with a drop or two of blood.

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