Sarah Seven

I feel like I’m somehow constantly putting my foot in my mouth. Not per say now, but I do live in fear that someday I’ll become a bride and find out I want everything I usually say I wouldn’t—like princess dresses. A certain friend, let’s call her Angela, wink wink, recently went wedding dress shopping and damned if she didn’t look perfect and adorable in a totally unexpected dress. She didn’t take the dress, so no foot in mouth for her, but it did get me thinking…

So today I’ll be showing  Sarah Seven. Seven is a designer out of Portland, OR. She uses natural fabrics (silk, wool, linens, cotton voile…), as well as recycled vintage fabrics, creating a nice little mix of  modern and throwback. It’s feminine without losing it’s fun. It’s kind of romantic—What else does one call a mixture of ruffles, delicacies and flowing things? I wouldn’t normally use this word, but I’m going to say it: princessy.

… Okay, so it’s not really princessy—I just can’t do it—but it does have some great detailing. I love the unfinished hems! Also, the length of most. There’s even a fair amount of color in her lines, like the blue piece below. To use more appropriate wording, they’re just cute.

2 Responses to “Sarah Seven”
  1. Not gonna lie, that princess dress I had on was pretty fantastic! How could I not try on the most expensive and pouffy dress in the store?!?

    I ended up finding a simple ivory dress I love, which surprised me since it wasn’t really what I’d had in mind, but when I tried it on I realized it was just perfect, exactly what I wanted to get married in. Also, my skin looked really shitty in the gray dresses… I’ll take radiant over dead-looking any day :)

    And holy shit am I glad that wedding dress shopping is over-with!

    I think the only way you could put your foot in your mouth is to print your wedding invitations in comic sans font or something equally heinous.

  2. rebeccapaull says:

    Omigod. Wedding invitations in comic sans.

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