A certain friend of mine, let’s call her Shmelanie, was complaining about the abundance of wedding posts on my blog lately. She requested I ‘bring it back to the people’ (she didn’t say that at all, I’m just blatantly making this stuff up at this point. I’m on a heavy regimen of Tylenol cold today. I think her words were ‘I’m going to unsubscribe.’) Anyway, there was a threat. So, I was trying to find a way to give her something uniquely her… And that’s when it hit me: Shmel is obsessed with her dog!… Let’s call the dog, Schmeakers.

Now I know everyone if not a fan of Rosewood (it’s a font), but I completely am (which I think stems from to my falling for that circus wedding.) So, I pretty much thought this food bowl was adorable… I’m also nutty for wood grain… AND I like it when I eat something and something is revealed!… What I am basically saying is, on a weird level I want this for myself. That little revelation should make this next one even weirder: when I saw that container on the left I got a craving for cookies? What the what?

These products are made by Oré, a cute Long Beach, CA company founded by Lisa Lowe. She started it in her garage and now has  a kids line, a pets line and a home goods line (for the record I don’t think they’re in the garage anymore.) And if cute isn’t your speed and you’re looking for a really simple, or sort of farm-house chic, pet food dish, I thought this one (that reminds me of vintage milk jugs for some reason) would do nicely:

… Um, and yes, that is a pirate bath caddy thing, for children. But I just have to say I totally wish we’d have in our bathroom in the Shmeast Village. Seriously Shmel, wouldn’t it have been perfect?

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