POSTER FRIDAY// brandon schaefer (by josh)

Is it cheating to let your boyfriend win your blog challenge? Not sure. So, in full disclosure: sorry, but I am totally biased. Plus I’ve actually seen some of these and debated posting about Schaefer before. Also, in Josh’s defense he actually sent me a whole post written out instead of just links. If you’d meant to send me something but were too slow, or want to add some copy to an earlier submission, I’m always happy to quote and credit in up coming weeks.  And now Josh…

Okay, so I’ve been eyeing a bunch of posters lately to buy and occupy my lack of wall space in my room. I consider it some sort of poster investment for my next apartment, whenever that might be. If or whenever I ever own a house, it would need to have a few long hallways, just for posters, or some kind of rotating wall, secret passage style. In the meantime, I’ll have to make due with a stack of posters under my bed.

When it finally came time to buy some of these posters, Brandon Schaefer‘s pieces were at the top of my list.  The only question became: which ones, and how many to buy?

His current site is mostly bare on information, but many of these appear to be commissioned for The Ashland Public Library’s Friday Night Series of movie screenings. They’re beautifully simple but still have a great style to them, especially with the colors. They remind me of Rebecca’s Poster Friday post from last week on Albert Exergian, but much less minimal.

As for me, I went with two of the Ghostbusters-themed posters—”Bust” and the classic Slimer.

In case you missed what just happened there, Josh bought, not one, but TWO Ghostbuster themed posters—Back off bitches he’s mine!… but seriously, I’m a fan of Schaefer as well. Though I think my top picks would be The Rocketeer poster, because I love the simplicity (alas I always confuse the movie with something Brendon Frazier did, and having Brendon Frazier hanging in my bedroom just won’t do), and The Wizard poster, because Nintendo and Fred Savage, need I say more? I am in total agreement with Josh on the Slimer poster. I think it’s the unexpected color palette is that gets me, and all the crazy pattern work (not sure if you can see that in this post.) I am pretty excited to see it when it finally goes up.

break tag!


hello readers, you may or may not have noticed that I’ve been a little under the weather this weekeither because I blatantly pointed it out, or because, as a designer at my job said to me yesterday “You’re talking crazy.” (thanks Lisa) So after I finished a few posts, but before I found posters, I opted for bed. Yes, I chose to be responsible. Alas, now I’m feeling guilty, but there isn’t enough time to pull off a new post before work… what’s a girl to do? (light bulb graphic) Totally unnecessary design challenge!

This means you, YES YOU, can write today’s post. Just send me a link or image and some words and, assuming I like your style, you’ll be on a blog come sometime today. It’s the best unpaying fake job you’ve ever dreamed of!

Seriously, get out some crayons and draw me a picture, you never know, you’ve got tylenol cold on your side.


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