that’s just super

Do you know what’s weird? When you’re going to write a post on someone and they email you—It’s like when you have a song stuck in your head and you walk into a store and it’s playing. You sort of feel like you’re not sure which came first. Lucky for me my tabs were open! (Ready for this? I’m about to get very Melanie Griffith from Working Girl on you) I was on Oh So Beautiful Paper and saw some cards that I thought were awesome. I clicked on them and was taken to an etsy store and realized it was Richie letterpress + design, who letterpressed Cowboy Dreams, which I covered awhile back. As I was downloading the photos I wanted, I got an email from Richele who told me (aside from some other things) that her Cowboy Dreams work just got (dorky design spoiler alert) a Merit award in this months HOW Design Annual! So I started to think, “Trask, radio…Trask, radio.”

Oh, Working Girl, you’re a classic. Anyway, congratulations Richele! If I owned these cards you made, I would send you one.

You can get these or many other cards at Richie’s etsy store.

2 Responses to “that’s just super”
  1. That’s too funny! Love these designs. How exciting to get recognition from HOW!

  2. richele says:

    ah how fun is it to log into a website and see you’re own work!

    thanks for the shout out;)

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