song bird

SPOILER ALERT: Was I the only one who actually expected the birds to figure out how the guitar worked and create a song? … I have seen FAR too many Disney movies. The video comes from The Curve Art series put on by The Barbican Art Gallery. Regarding the project they say: French artist CĂ©leste … Continue reading


I love how gorgeous these Polaroid’s from Philippe Roucou are… but more I love how they become these completely graphic scarves… They’re super pricey, but I have to believe they could be DIYed. Project time! (maybe… life is a little busy.) Anyway not much more to say about it. Just eye candy really.

tapes and tapes

I’ve been seeing neon tape everywhere lately. So when I saw these rolls of tape from Merci / Liberty ‘s collaboration they seemed like the next manifestation of the trend; Not that printed tapes haven’t been around before, or floral patterns for that matter, maybe it’s the weather (cold and rainy), but simple romantic touches … Continue reading

pop up

My mom has been giving me gorgeous pop-up books by Robert Sabuda for years. There’s a soft spot in my heart for them. I’ve always loved stories; Pop-ups turn a regular story into so much more. As a kid they were so exciting, as an adult they still hold that same magic for me. Perhaps … Continue reading


As I went to SXSW, and am still behind in my blogging / working / sleeping because of SXSW, it seemed only natural that my POSTER FRIDAY should be about SXSW. So here we go: The South by Southwest film festival—the only major film festival with this award—has presented an award for Excellence in Poster … Continue reading

Irina Graewe

Irina Graewe‘s website is like a visual playground. Her section ‘Africa meets Neon’ (images above right and top two directly below, among others) are amazing. I don’t know why I love neon so much… especially seeing how I CANNOT pull the colors off. So much energy. Also it’s interesting seeing her use of flourescent gaffers … Continue reading

taste the rainbow

Josh and I gave his friend Catherine Macaroons from NYC’s MacarOn Cafe for letting us crash at her place during SXSW (I wish I grabbed a photo of the place it was SO cute.) Anyway, now I can’t get them out of my head. They look so Springy and pretty. Meanwhile NY is nothing but … Continue reading


Heading to SXSW (yay!) so taking a tiny hiatus. See you all on the 23rd.

coral & tusk

I saw this little whale in park slope on Sunday when wandering around waiting for brunch with friends. Then today it occurred to me that I had seen it before. In fact I saw it ON FRIDAY. The artist’s website was emailed to me by Claire (and while I’m on the subject Happy Birthday Claire!) … Continue reading

neon graveyard

Our Labor of Love is in Vegas for airhorns and lasers, on their blog they posted photos from a previous trip to the neon graveyard, which was sadly closed for renovation this time around. I love these photos. It’s the first time I’ve ever wanted to go to Vegas…