Genetic flaws.

Everybody has them. And for the most part you learn to live with them. I, for one, have a noticeably crooked smile. It doesn’t bother me. When I was younger my dad said it made me unique, and I fell for it hook line an sinker—I actually think in a weird way it suits my personality to have a crooked smile? And it’s not always about being unique, sometimes it’s the thing that binds you. Almost my entire family snaps with their ring finger—I don’t think this is weird, but my mother finds it baffling, and from what I gather it is not the way one is supposed to snap—So whenever my sister or brother snaps there’s a strange solidarity in it.

… Having said all this, and having admitted to a certain love of flaws, I still have to acknowledge how stupid it is that I want glasses. Sometimes I find myself wistfully thinking about the day my eye sight starts to fail. ?!?!. And let me tell you, genetically there isn’t a huge chance that will be happening soon (though I do spend more time at a computer than anyone in my family history.) So unless I make peace with the idea of owning fake glasses—an option that kind of appalls me, but that I actually have been considering lately—I’m stuck with the alternative: a “glasses I want collage.”

You probably guessed it, I would totally rock the dork glasses.

Sadly my perfect eye sight is coupled with an ability to look stupid in all glasses… doubly disappointing.

illustration Garance Doré. Glasses by, in no particular order, Oliver Peoples, Ray Ban, Gucci, and Cutler & Gross.

4 Responses to “dork.”
  1. richele says:

    you should check out Salt Optics.

    My boyfriend who has never worn glasses [45] had to get his first pair this year. He has a very hard to fit face and Salt has these really great geek glasses that look so amazing on him it’s ridiculous!

    they were pricey but considering you have to wear them everyday? good investment ;)

  2. rebeccapaull says:

    That’s the worst part! They’re SO pricey (at least the ones I’m in love with are) and I actually don’t have any vision problems… so I just can’t justify it. Sigh.

  3. Cristian says:

    I have worn glasses since I was around 8 years old. Have no interest in contacts. I feel naked without them now. For a fashionable girl like yourself you should be excited for glasses cuz I can totally see you rocking some cool frames. It’s a fashion statement but it does take searching for the perfect pair. You can do it!

  4. Eliza says:

    Right there with you!! I am so jealous of people with glasses, and afraid I may not need them for like, forty years, since my eyesight is currently 20/15. It’s a sick twist of fate when we don’t want our genetic gifts.

    Anyway, I’ve just decided that it’s perfectly legit to wear glasses simply as an accessory (how come only people with bad eyes get one more accessory option with their outfits??), and I’ve been wearing the ones above the black ray bans with clear lenses. No joke. I feel slightly embarrassed when people figure it out, but I don’t really care.

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