Rube Goldberg

I think it was 5th grade when my class was asked to come up with a self-working pet feeder. I have no idea how mine worked. If there was a contest I didn’t win. All that came out of the experience was the idea that you should always befriend your neighbor, and the understanding that simple machine were actually really difficult.

This probably made me more susceptible to the WOW factor of OK Go’s new video for ‘This Too Shall Pass’, which consists of a 3:53 long Rube Goldberg machine. It’s crazy. It makes mouse trap look like a chump’s game… and oddly reminded me of fraggle Rock, like the dozers could do that. Psh.

NOTE: I tired to mess with the code and make this bigger, but it seems to not let me. You should go watch this on youtube in HD. It’s worth it to see it larger.

If you think it’s fake feel free to watch the many ‘making-of’ videos over at geekologie


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