coral & tusk

I saw this little whale in park slope on Sunday when wandering around waiting for brunch with friends. Then today it occurred to me that I had seen it before. In fact I saw it ON FRIDAY. The artist’s website was emailed to me by Claire (and while I’m on the subject Happy Birthday Claire!)

I’m not usually a big fiber arts person, but if you want to sew a frog carrying a mouse across a pond I am ALL for it. And, if these are anything like the whale I saw, they are adorable throw pillows.

The artist is Stephanie Housley, and the line is Coral & Tusk.

If you’re not as crazy about all things nautical as I am, there are also things like porcupines, camels… there’s just a bunch of things. Check it out if you like.

One Response to “coral & tusk”
  1. Eliza says:

    I do love the nautical, and oddly enough, my sister and I have been on a recent porcupine kick. We’re working on a bar project, and we want the bar to be called The Porcupine.

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