POSTER FRIDAY// matthew craven

Last night I went by the SVA MFA open studios. It was, um… interesting. I mean that sounds bad. I’m biased (obviously. this whole blog is biased.) Anyway, I’ve never been a big fan of video art, so most of it wasn’t making it into the diary or anything. Still I really enjoyed the work … Continue reading

urban animals

I know nothing about this except it’s on Market near 5th in SF. I found it over at Cristian’s blog, and adore it. I wish the scaffolding near my office were as cute.


A lovely gal I work with told me yesterday that I certainly have a certain look I gravitate toward. To this I say: What? I’m not predictable?… _____________(note sarcasm) Images from Tine K Home… because I think I want to live in Denmark.

staple items

You know when you see something and think ‘I should have thought of this’… this isn’t one of those times. So… I’m a little in love with this—I mean it’s a staple city. No big deal (I guess, if you can’t conceptualize how long this would take.) But it really fooled me! I thought I … Continue reading


So… the bro lives in Birmingham. The bro and his wife are awesome and I’m sure already know about this, but just in case, I heard Created in Birmingham is having a show called  NOT MY TYPE. It’s a typograohic experiment of 35 different Birmingham based illustrators, designers and artists (such as Jon Burgerman, Sam … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// the Haiti poster project

Merrill sent me these (yay Merrill!) and I meant to get them up in a timely manner, but, alas, life had other plans. So… Anyway… back on April 5th the Haiti Poster Project website launched. The project is the brain-child of Moxie Sozo‘sLeif Steiner (who created the HURRICANE POSTER PROJECT and raised $50,000 for Katrina … Continue reading

Happy Earth Day

I’ve been doing some small animations for Earth Day at work… This is only interesting because I’m not an animator. Nope, not at all. So yeah, flash crash course… also more time in Photoshop this week than I think I’ve spent cumulatively since school.  I really don’t know why this little explanation would be interesting … Continue reading


I’ve been ogling houses over at Emmas. That’s right folks HOUSE PORN! I know they don’t all come from one house, but they all have a similar feel that I love… Ah, the white space. Ah, wood grain. Ah, the color bursts. Ah, the A-frames. I’m a simple girl; you do all that, THEN you … Continue reading

Bright ideas

I’m sorry to have been MIA lately. Life has been nuts! I’ve been trying to keep everything at bay but the blog took a hit. Hopefully things will calm down a little this week. Until then, how much do you LOVE these? I honestly think if left alone I would end up putting neon into … Continue reading


I love a nice modern wedding. Yay stripes and hearts! Totally different but I also really like this almost blind emboss. Yay blind emboss! Yay for you Brisbane, Australia’s bespoke letterpress! I am too busy to do this post justice. Boo Rebecca.