more wedding nonsense

It’s been awhile since I showed a wedding. And this isn’t so much a wedding as wedding themed.

I saw these garter’s on a once wed piece about Lo Boheme and realised I’d forgotten all abut garters. I’m not sure they’re that big at weddings anymore, most likely because according to wikipedia “The symbolism to deflowering is unambiguous.” Still I really like that there is a male equivalent to the bouquet, and that the two people who catch them have to share a dance… that being said I am not a big fan of watching people remove garter’s with their teeth. Let’s keep it classy people.

Below is the pertinent excerpt form wikipedia on garters. Click the link to learn other fascinating garter stuff, like the fact that the nights of the round table once all wore them because a certain knight got a little saucy and had to wear one, a bit like a scarlet letter, so they all wore them in solidarity.

A garter is often worn by newlywed brides. It is the groom’s privilege to remove the garter and toss it to the male guests. The symbolism to deflowering is unambiguous. Historically, this tradition also relates to the belief that taking an article of the bride’s clothing would bring good luck. As this often resulted in the destruction of the bride’s dress, the tradition arose for the bride to toss articles of clothing to the guests, including the garter. Another superstition that has circulated is the male equivalent of the bride throwing her bouquet to the unmarried ladies, i.e., the unmarried male wedding guest who successfully caught the garter was believed to be the next man to be headed to the altar from the group of single men at that wedding. Traditionally, the man who caught the garter and the lady who caught the bouquet will share the next dance.

Lo Boheme also makes some pretty lovely veils and hair accessories that they sell on etsy.


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