staple items

You know when you see something and think ‘I should have thought of this’… this isn’t one of those times.

So… I’m a little in love with this—I mean it’s a staple city. No big deal (I guess, if you can’t conceptualize how long this would take.) But it really fooled me! I thought I was looking at a silver city or some sort, and then I was like, oh, huh. (Keep in mind I hadn’t had my coffee yet.)

Those are staples! But even then, because I really wasn’t processing anything at a normal scale (note to self: cut down on coffee) my brain ignored the obvious dimensions and I imagined it this HUGE staple city, which I thought was cool.

And then you come to realize, (or perhaps you just knew because you’re quicker than me) that no, that is not a giant city. It’s a tiny city. A tiny city made painstakingly of staples… which is weird, but so fun.

I mean someone had to be sitting around grabbing some replacement staples and then thought ‘hey, this looks like a little building. I wonder if I could build a whole city?’ And then they did. I like a little imagination in daily life, and I LOVE when kooky ideas come to fruition. So bravo Peter Root. I like the way you think.

Seriously look how tiny!

Ephemicropolis 2010
100,000 Staples
Approx floor area 600x300cm
Stacks of staples were broken into varying sizes from full stacks about 12cm high down to single staples. These stacks were then stood up and arranged over a period of 40 hours.

… if you have the time check out the video of it being built.

A huge thanks to Claire for this morning’s eye candy.

2 Responses to “staple items”
  1. zach says:

    that’s amazing!

  2. rebeccapaull says:

    zach… don’t you have a blog now?

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