I did (or vintage brides)

I just got my vacation cleared so that I can attend two weddings in August. Yay. It’s so exciting! Aside from getting to go to Seattle for the first time and see my long-lost west coast friends I get to see some amazing people get married! (Huge shout out to Gavin & Elizabeth, and Todd & Kathy)

So today, in honor of that… or because I like making up reasons to talk weddings… we’re going to ogle London’s The Vintage Wedding Dress Company.

As always, I apologize to the men folk—I can’t help myself.

Personally, I’m digging all the details in the 1900s pieces. Eyelet. Who knew?
(The site is organized by decade. In my collage it goes from 1900s-1970s.)

One Response to “I did (or vintage brides)”
  1. Eliza says:

    Amazing!!! Thanks for sharing…

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