domestic-construction tee-pee (sweet!)

Saw this over at domestic-construction… HEAD. OVER. HEELS.

I’ve talked about tee-pees before, actually more than once. I pretty much think they are adorable—I’m a sucker for cozy. This one just takes the cake though.

In college one weekend we made a fort that covered the entire porch and part of the front yard. My house and my neighbor’s house lived in for a few days. It was a particularly fun week of college. I’m sure I loved tee-pees and created structures before that (I have a LOT of memories of building neighborhoods out of old boxes as a kid), but I think that fort really sealed the deal on my heart-fluttering feeling toward tee-pees.

Ah, to have a yard.

See more of the project, Fit for Habitation, here.


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