where yago, I go

So I know we’re all wondering if I’ll grow up and get over my obsession with bright shiny objects. I’d be willing to bet my love of metals will expand, my love of fluorescents… anyone’s guess. Certainly not getting over it today though (I am typing this with some seriously high-octane pink nails.) Also certainly not getting over it when I see these paintings by Yago Hortal.

I won’t lie, I wish they were bigger (I wish they were city-wide murals that transformed drab blocks into a modern never-never land), and I have no idea what would happen if I actually tried to live with one on my wall (my only guess is increased ADD and dark monochromatic dressing). But I don’t care, I think they’re pretty fantastic, even if just as a digital fancy.

If you weren’t sold yet, Yago hails from Spain, but now lives in Berlin. I mean seriously, if there is one thing I like more than fluorescents it might be Berlin. I’m not kidding.

Yago, you should consider being my new best friend.


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