where yago, I go

So I know we’re all wondering if I’ll grow up and get over my obsession with bright shiny objects. I’d be willing to bet my love of metals will expand, my love of fluorescents… anyone’s guess. Certainly not getting over it today though (I am typing this with some seriously high-octane pink nails.) Also certainly … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// tweed tom

It’s back! Poster Friday. Yay. So this week we’re loving Tweed Tom. I don’t know Tom, so we’ll let his site speak for himself: Tom resides in London where by day he works as a creative for Antidote and by night draws and fascinates over obsolete mechanical marvels. He is also one fifth of the … Continue reading

heart of glass

Head over heels for these shots by Johnny Miller. They make me want to scour flea markets and wear sweaters to the beach… They also make want to find that “double rainbow” youtube guy and tell him I’m sorry for laughing. I’m a believer—A simple bit of light and color can truly be amazing.