domestic-construction tee-pee (sweet!)

Saw this over at domestic-construction… HEAD. OVER. HEELS. I’ve talked about tee-pees before, actually more than once. I pretty much think they are adorable—I’m a sucker for cozy. This one just takes the cake though. In college one weekend we made a fort that covered the entire porch and part of the front yard. My … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// matthew craven

Last night I went by the SVA MFA open studios. It was, um… interesting. I mean that sounds bad. I’m biased (obviously. this whole blog is biased.) Anyway, I’ve never been a big fan of video art, so most of it wasn’t making it into the diary or anything. Still I really enjoyed the work … Continue reading

staple items

You know when you see something and think ‘I should have thought of this’… this isn’t one of those times. So… I’m a little in love with this—I mean it’s a staple city. No big deal (I guess, if you can’t conceptualize how long this would take.) But it really fooled me! I thought I … Continue reading

birds of a feather…

I love these little envelopes for these invitations. Also the feather. I think this couple did an lovely job of making a slightly industrial space look natural and personal. They also did a really amazing job with color; the teals and reds amongst the deserty hues, breath taking. … Let’s be honest, they had me … Continue reading

an honest mess.

I’ll be honest here, I am NOT an organized girl… Most likely this address filer wouldn’t help, but it sure would look pretty on my desk… and who knows maybe I’d end up excited to file things. Though most addresses are on my phone now? I kind of think it’d be an adorable recipe “box.” … Continue reading

web of lies

Shane Waltener‘s woven web art pieces are beautiful. When I saw the one above I actually thought that is was from some rare spider… that makes webs I could only dream of. I’m a little slow. via all the mountains

paper pretty

Francisca prieto has a new show at the Jaggedart Gallery. It’s in London, so I won’t be making it, but these images are lovely.


I’m not someone who handles being sick well. But here I am (ugh), so I thought maybe I’d at least find you some extra blog posts today. This one comes from a new blog I’ve been reading all the mountains. From what I can tell it is the blog of illustrator Amy Borrell (she also … Continue reading


I think I’ve mentioned this before, but in case I haven’t, I play in a competitive bocce ball league on Sundays. It’s hard-core. … Actually it’s not, aptly illustrated this Sunday when we derailed the game to go stare at a baby in an owl hat. Nothing says competitive like a bunch of girls cooing … Continue reading


Speaking of adorable, (wait what?) how cute is this tent that Stephen of something’s hiding in here made for Shauna… of something’s hiding in here, after their vacation had to be canceled due to snow. You may recall more of Stephen and Shauna’s adorableness from here.