Jim Tierny

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that eventually I’m going to be one of those people who owns a kindle or an ipad. I’ve made my peace with it… except when I see a great book cover. When I see a great book cover I want to move to a … Continue reading

neon graveyard

Our Labor of Love is in Vegas for airhorns and lasers, on their blog they posted photos from a previous trip to the neon graveyard, which was sadly closed for renovation this time around. I love these photos. It’s the first time I’ve ever wanted to go to Vegas…

into the fold

Ah yes, we’re talking about my continued faith in Studio On Fire… Another fine piece of press work off Studio On Fire‘s blog Beast Pieces. This piece was created for Many Folds Farm, the new food adventure of Rebecca and Ross Williams (check out their blog on passion for food and land here.) Unlike many … Continue reading


Speaking of Kuro Interactive (the agency behind Cowboy’s Dreams), I’m kind of head over heels for their business cards. Such a great mix of, well, everything. Look at that type! It just has a very old-timey / modern feel. … Also, look at these job titles? I wish my job sounded so exciting. Seriously, if … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// friends of type

All other font dorks might be pleased to know Friends of Type has some new posters available. They’re probably not going to make my collection—my walls are looking a little full lately— but, perhaps they’ll find a place with one of you. Friends of Type is in essence a discussion of type between friends… kind … Continue reading

a good (alpha)bet

I’ve been down this I heart Jessica Hische road before. But here we go again: Daily Drop Cap, her blog, where a hand-crafted decorative initial cap is posted every day, has a brandnew limited edition print: Ta da! The print is a two color letterpress poster, hand printed at The Arm in Williamsburg (where I … Continue reading

takes the cake

Do you ever see something and think, “Sh*t. How do I not own that!” AND “Sh*t. How did I not think of that?” … Well, here’s today’s: Yep, you’re seeing that correctly: Helvetica Cookie Cutters. HELVETICA COOKIE CUTTERS! Omigod! So awesome, so obvious. Damn you Beverly Hsu, you genius. Beverly thanks Greg for his help … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// sarah utter

Hello Friday! How happy I am to see you. Do you know what else makes me happy? Music and nostalgia! So obviously these warm and fuzzy musically inspired letterpress prints by Sarah Utter of Olympia, WA are fitting the bill… I keep thinking up alternate versions of these and cracking up. Right now my favorite … Continue reading

tit for tat

Oh, how lovely it is when two things I love get together. In this case calligraphy and tattoos! Now, I know many people aren’t tattoo fans (namely most of my family), but I am. 100%. A well done tattoo is just so pretty! This particular tattoo was designed by calligrapher Betsy Dunlap. She wrote: A … Continue reading

a love letter for you

Last night I was talking to my Dad (hi Dad!) and he pointed out I hadn’t been blogging. I tried to explain about how busy I’d been, but I felt guilty as I was saying it—not that I haven’t been busy, I’d be convinced I had Mono, if it weren’t for the fact that I … Continue reading