Sigh. Again, I’ve been sooooooo long, but I saw these and couldn’t help posting. Wouldn’t they be perfect in a kids room? (I know I’m baby crazy lately, but I’m going to be an aunt for the first time and I can’t help it!) Functional AND educational. Well, functional for those of us without NY … Continue reading

heart of glass

Head over heels for these shots by Johnny Miller. They make me want to scour flea markets and wear sweaters to the beach… They also make want to find that “double rainbow” youtube guy and tell him I’m sorry for laughing. I’m a believer—A simple bit of light and color can truly be amazing.

domestic-construction tee-pee (sweet!)

Saw this over at domestic-construction… HEAD. OVER. HEELS. I’ve talked about tee-pees before, actually more than once. I pretty much think they are adorable—I’m a sucker for cozy. This one just takes the cake though. In college one weekend we made a fort that covered the entire porch and part of the front yard. My … Continue reading

nobody puts baby in a corner (2)

Can you believe I’ve used this blog title twice? Unoriginal, much? Seriously, how cute is this crib… er?… playpen… storage space… changing table. Talk about efficiency? Designed by Dutch designer Dave Keune, ‘Nina’s House’ is amazing AND adorable. Would it be too girly for a nephew? (NEPHEW!!!!)

like a mondrian mess

I love it when structural meets messy. It’s such a pretty mess. Elisa Strozyk is a textile designer from Berlin. She created a line called “wooden textiles.” I can’t imagine wanting to curl up under one of these, but as rug it would be amazing. Can you imagine it? you know how when a rug … Continue reading


A lovely gal I work with told me yesterday that I certainly have a certain look I gravitate toward. To this I say: What? I’m not predictable?… _____________(note sarcasm) Images from Tine K Home… because I think I want to live in Denmark.


I’ve been ogling houses over at Emmas. That’s right folks HOUSE PORN! I know they don’t all come from one house, but they all have a similar feel that I love… Ah, the white space. Ah, wood grain. Ah, the color bursts. Ah, the A-frames. I’m a simple girl; you do all that, THEN you … Continue reading

Bright ideas

I’m sorry to have been MIA lately. Life has been nuts! I’ve been trying to keep everything at bay but the blog took a hit. Hopefully things will calm down a little this week. Until then, how much do you LOVE these? I honestly think if left alone I would end up putting neon into … Continue reading

an honest mess.

I’ll be honest here, I am NOT an organized girl… Most likely this address filer wouldn’t help, but it sure would look pretty on my desk… and who knows maybe I’d end up excited to file things. Though most addresses are on my phone now? I kind of think it’d be an adorable recipe “box.” … Continue reading

Irina Graewe

Irina Graewe‘s website is like a visual playground. Her section ‘Africa meets Neon’ (images above right and top two directly below, among others) are amazing. I don’t know why I love neon so much… especially seeing how I CANNOT pull the colors off. So much energy. Also it’s interesting seeing her use of flourescent gaffers … Continue reading