so beautiful it’s erie.

So… Erie Basin is a guilty pleasure of mine. I like the pretty pictures. I’m a HUGE jewelry fan—even if earrings sometimes make me feel showy, which is weird I know. Cressant rings, like home page image are my favorite shape, but I love this crazy shape of the ring on top. And I LOVE … Continue reading

A+ (Adam + Amy’s invite booklet)

LOVE these wedding invite/booklet designed by Craig Duffney and letter pressed by Studio on Fire. The way both Amy and Adam had their own capital designed and used throughout (on their own and together as headers and footers) is just a really lovely touch. Also, I wish I saw this more often. I’m a story-teller … Continue reading

all work and no play…

So I’ve busy with work… and summer coming (is that an excuse?)… and the sister’s nuptials (!!!) … etc… etc… So, I thought I’d show this teaser of her bachelorette party invite. a close-up We’re kicking the weekend off with a big mexican feast… why that made me think painting Lucha Libre masks on spoons … Continue reading

I did (or vintage brides)

I just got my vacation cleared so that I can attend two weddings in August. Yay. It’s so exciting! Aside from getting to go to Seattle for the first time and see my long-lost west coast friends I get to see some amazing people get married! (Huge shout out to Gavin & Elizabeth, and Todd … Continue reading

birds of a feather…

I love these little envelopes for these invitations. Also the feather. I think this couple did an lovely job of making a slightly industrial space look natural and personal. They also did a really amazing job with color; the teals and reds amongst the deserty hues, breath taking. … Let’s be honest, they had me … Continue reading

more wedding nonsense

It’s been awhile since I showed a wedding. And this isn’t so much a wedding as wedding themed. I saw these garter’s on a once wed piece about Lo Boheme and realised I’d forgotten all abut garters. I’m not sure they’re that big at weddings anymore, most likely because according to wikipedia “The symbolism to … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// rifle paper co.

So… maybe not a poster, but a paper product all the same. Anna of Rifle Paper Co. design created these wedding invites for a Brooklyn couple last September. And I adore them. She decided to play up the couples love for the handmade by hand sewing their invitations… Well, one of them. She describes the … Continue reading


Dirty Dancing vs. Dirty Dancing Remember awhile back when I said “I’d like a dirty dancing themed wedding” well these people HAD one! Yes, the weddings look nothing alike, but this wedding took place at the Mohonk Mountain House, the inspiration for Dirty Dancing. Doesn’t it look absolutely beautiful? How could it not inspire a … Continue reading


(sorry Shmels) I’m not really sure what it is about this wedding, but it reminds me of my sister. I think it’s what I imagined she might want. There are lots of things I see that make me think of what I thought she would want. (Right now what the wedding will be like is … Continue reading

Sarah Seven

I feel like I’m somehow constantly putting my foot in my mouth. Not per say now, but I do live in fear that someday I’ll become a bride and find out I want everything I usually say I wouldn’t—like princess dresses. A certain friend, let’s call her Angela, wink wink, recently went wedding dress shopping … Continue reading