heart of glass

Head over heels for these shots by Johnny Miller. They make me want to scour flea markets and wear sweaters to the beach… They also make want to find that “double rainbow” youtube guy and tell him I’m sorry for laughing. I’m a believer—A simple bit of light and color can truly be amazing. Advertisements


I saw this over on Pia Jane Bijkerk’s blog and couldn’t help reposting. It is so cute. It has a very “Pooh-sticks” kind of nostalgia, no? All the boats are made by Lenny, who has a blog documenting all this, and who combs beaches and makes little boats with the found objects. This inspired Jeff … Continue reading

the great escape.

Well I’m vacation and thought I’d stop by and say hi. The summer sojourn is almost over and the blog will be back in time for fall, with a new look. So watch out. In the meantime, this city girl is relaxing in the ever lovely (and oh so pregnant!) Ayna’s backyard out in Olympia, … Continue reading

web of lies

Shane Waltener‘s woven web art pieces are beautiful. When I saw the one above I actually thought that is was from some rare spider… that makes webs I could only dream of. I’m a little slow. via all the mountains

song bird

SPOILER ALERT: Was I the only one who actually expected the birds to figure out how the guitar worked and create a song? … I have seen FAR too many Disney movies. The video comes from The Curve Art series put on by The Barbican Art Gallery. Regarding the project they say: French artist Céleste … Continue reading


Dirty Dancing vs. Dirty Dancing Remember awhile back when I said “I’d like a dirty dancing themed wedding” well these people HAD one! Yes, the weddings look nothing alike, but this wedding took place at the Mohonk Mountain House, the inspiration for Dirty Dancing. Doesn’t it look absolutely beautiful? How could it not inspire a … Continue reading


(sorry Shmels) I’m not really sure what it is about this wedding, but it reminds me of my sister. I think it’s what I imagined she might want. There are lots of things I see that make me think of what I thought she would want. (Right now what the wedding will be like is … Continue reading


I hate it when you find something you think is beautiful, and then you find out it was staged. Boo… but either way, I am pretty much OBSESSED with picnics lately. Maybe it’s the impending snowicane (what? you can’t just make up words because you’re the news), but it’s really making me want Spring… I … Continue reading


I’m not someone who handles being sick well. But here I am (ugh), so I thought maybe I’d at least find you some extra blog posts today. This one comes from a new blog I’ve been reading all the mountains. From what I can tell it is the blog of illustrator Amy Borrell (she also … Continue reading

Spring teaser

How cool is this bouquet I found while looking for Spring inspiration? All of these floral arrangements are by Bornay in Barcelona. You may not be able to go pick some up on Saturday (unless you live in Barcelona), but they sure are pretty to look at. So, I for one am SUPER excited for … Continue reading