all work and no play…

So I’ve busy with work… and summer coming (is that an excuse?)… and the sister’s nuptials (!!!) … etc… etc… So, I thought I’d show this teaser of her bachelorette party invite. a close-up We’re kicking the weekend off with a big mexican feast… why that made me think painting Lucha Libre masks on spoons … Continue reading

in the grove

I was pretty excited to receive my Save the Date for one of my all time favorite couples farm wedding yesterday. Not sure how this relates, being it’s in an orange grove, but it seemed oddly appropriate. Or at least it seems the same kind of tone that I am imagining. Well… perhaps not? Let’s … Continue reading

happy valentines


Sometimes when I’m looking for a smile I go look at bicycles. Oh, how I love bicycles! Today’s guilty pleasure bike shop was Brooks. They are one of the oldest saddle shops in the world and were once owned by Raliegh, another fav… They also have many happy pictures sure to turn a frown upside … Continue reading

I’ll get you next time Gadget. Next time!

As a warning there is pretty much no design in this post. Also, I am about to ruin your childhood. It was bad enough when “Inspector Gadget” the movie came out (bet you forgot about that gem didn’t you?) and they decided to cast Rupert Everett as Dr. Claw, by far the scariest most fear … Continue reading


I look forward to Nicholas Feltron‘s annual report every year. I’ve checked his site every few days since the first of January and finally today it was there! This was the 5th year of reporting, and this time Feltron asked every person he had a meaningful encounter with to submit an online survey. He kept … Continue reading

a thing called love

Over at poppytalk there is a section called I made this for you, in which the couple behind Something’s Hiding in Here documents the sweet little surprise projects they make for each other. I’ve never been in a 10 year relationship, but I hope if I ever am, this is fairly close to how it … Continue reading

Protected: with love

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

the move

As many of you know I’ve moved a lot this year. Today, September first, I finally have an apartment in Brooklyn. Yes, it’s a rental. Yes, it’s from craigslist. Yes, I am incredibly excited! Yesterday at the office I received a call saying my furniture was NOT in California in storage being loaded up for … Continue reading

hello love.

Have you ever fallen in love with a city? I did once. I thought I was falling for a boy, silly girl, but when things ended I realized I was fine. All the things I missed, all that I had enjoyed, were just pieces of NY—a feeling that I belonged somewhere, not to someone, but … Continue reading