POSTER FRIDAY// tweed tom

It’s back! Poster Friday. Yay. So this week we’re loving Tweed Tom. I don’t know Tom, so we’ll let his site speak for himself: Tom resides in London where by day he works as a creative for Antidote and by night draws and fascinates over obsolete mechanical marvels. He is also one fifth of the … Continue reading


I have no idea who did these posters. But I like them. Good job HBO. Anyone know who did them? (Sorry I didn’t do my research… SO busy!)

POSTER FRIDAY// curran hatleberg

I know it’s Tuesday, but this was literally my Poster Friday. And by that I mean  didn’t blog on Friday because I was traveling up to Yale to see the MFA photography thesis show—Specifically the work of Curran Hatleberg. There was a lot of work that I really loved (and some I really didn’t), but … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// matthew craven

Last night I went by the SVA MFA open studios. It was, um… interesting. I mean that sounds bad. I’m biased (obviously. this whole blog is biased.) Anyway, I’ve never been a big fan of video art, so most of it wasn’t making it into the diary or anything. Still I really enjoyed the work … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// the Haiti poster project

Merrill sent me these (yay Merrill!) and I meant to get them up in a timely manner, but, alas, life had other plans. So… Anyway… back on April 5th the Haiti Poster Project website launched. The project is the brain-child of Moxie Sozo‘sLeif Steiner (who created the HURRICANE POSTER PROJECT and raised $50,000 for Katrina … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// rifle paper co.

So… maybe not a poster, but a paper product all the same. Anna of Rifle Paper Co. design created these wedding invites for a Brooklyn couple last September. And I adore them. She decided to play up the couples love for the handmade by hand sewing their invitations… Well, one of them. She describes the … Continue reading


As I went to SXSW, and am still behind in my blogging / working / sleeping because of SXSW, it seemed only natural that my POSTER FRIDAY should be about SXSW. So here we go: The South by Southwest film festival—the only major film festival with this award—has presented an award for Excellence in Poster … Continue reading

mark weaver

I am loving this poster! I know it’s not Friday, but we’re doing it anyway! POSTER (FAKE) FRIDAY// Mark Weaver. Weaver has been seen in The New York Times, WIRED Magazine, GOOD Magazine, and Stereogum among others. He’s involved in a project called Make Something Cool Every Day, which is pretty much exactly like it … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// albert exergian

Last night I had a dream I was on 90210 (old school.) I eventually woke up. When I fell back asleep I dreamt I was on a panel of writers/producers/TVexecs and was somehow instrumental in the making of 90210, and was answering questions about it. As I was waking up the only really distinct thing … Continue reading


Remember how I for got POSTER FRIDAY last week? Well, this week you get two. YAY! Happy Friday folks. And, if you have it, Happy long weekend! I just have to say it. WHALES! Man, I love whales that smile. It’s almost stupid how cute I find them. The studio is Vahalla. It’s in Kansas … Continue reading