not the day for sweaters, but…

Soooooo pricey, but so pretty. Ah, Rachel Comey, as always I adore you. I LOVE patterns… I don’t wear them a ton, but I love them, and that little peek with the button clasp? swoon. Completely unrelated, except for the pattern part, but I’m wearing this dress today (see below.) I think it’s 50s-60s formal … Continue reading

more wedding nonsense

It’s been awhile since I showed a wedding. And this isn’t so much a wedding as wedding themed. I saw these garter’s on a once wed piece about Lo Boheme and realised I’d forgotten all abut garters. I’m not sure they’re that big at weddings anymore, most likely because according to wikipedia “The symbolism to … Continue reading


I love how gorgeous these Polaroid’s from Philippe Roucou are… but more I love how they become these completely graphic scarves… They’re super pricey, but I have to believe they could be DIYed. Project time! (maybe… life is a little busy.) Anyway not much more to say about it. Just eye candy really.

coral & tusk

I saw this little whale in park slope on Sunday when wandering around waiting for brunch with friends. Then today it occurred to me that I had seen it before. In fact I saw it ON FRIDAY. The artist’s website was emailed to me by Claire (and while I’m on the subject Happy Birthday Claire!) … Continue reading


Genetic flaws. Everybody has them. And for the most part you learn to live with them. I, for one, have a noticeably crooked smile. It doesn’t bother me. When I was younger my dad said it made me unique, and I fell for it hook line an sinker—I actually think in a weird way it … Continue reading

Sarah Seven

I feel like I’m somehow constantly putting my foot in my mouth. Not per say now, but I do live in fear that someday I’ll become a bride and find out I want everything I usually say I wouldn’t—like princess dresses. A certain friend, let’s call her Angela, wink wink, recently went wedding dress shopping … Continue reading

non plus one

Opening Ceremony opened it’s newest store (at Ace Hotel) on Valentine’s day. The blog leading up to the event was pretty awesome. Aside from watching the Dirty Projectors rock out with Solange Knowles (what?), I really enjoyed this little video with Kirsten Dunst and Jason Schwartzman (both donning OC‘s Spring/Summer 2010 Collection), and featuring “Is this sound okay” … Continue reading

wedding belles

One of my many friends getting hitched this year told me she’s planning to wear a nontraditional wedding dress. Oh la la! I thought and my mind went everywhere… but mainly to this 3.1 Phillip Lim Dress. My dear, if you are reading this, I am pretty sure you meant you wanted to wear a … Continue reading

shepherd england

I don’t want winter to keep going per say, but I do want a reason to buy an entire scarf wardrobe. These scarves by Shepherd England are beautiful! Seriously, so so so pretty. My sister-in-law and brother gave me a simple 2 color graphic scarf last year and it honestly hasn’t left my neck for … Continue reading


You know when you see something and you’re like, That!, that is the look I want! Well that is how I feel about Sessun‘s fall/winter line. So, if I happen to turn up around you and you’re thinking… what was she thinking? Well, now you know. Complete side topic: does anyone (readers who have seen … Continue reading