1000 words

Well, hello there readers. I’m sorry to have been away. So let’s see, what’s been going on? I went to Panama (fun!) Turned 30 (less fun in general, but a pretty awesome birthday.) Other than that life is fairly the same. There has been lots of work and classes, so hopefully 2011 will lead to … Continue reading

heart of glass

Head over heels for these shots by Johnny Miller. They make me want to scour flea markets and wear sweaters to the beach… They also make want to find that “double rainbow” youtube guy and tell him I’m sorry for laughing. I’m a believer—A simple bit of light and color can truly be amazing.


I’m sorry to have been gone so long… and I’ll be gone longer still (headed to the sister’s wedding this week!). But I wanted to give you all a quick splash of color on this lovely day. All photographs taken in Berlin by Matthias Heiderich. Also, a shout out to my lovely Erica and her … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// curran hatleberg

I know it’s Tuesday, but this was literally my Poster Friday. And by that I mean  didn’t blog on Friday because I was traveling up to Yale to see the MFA photography thesis show—Specifically the work of Curran Hatleberg. There was a lot of work that I really loved (and some I really didn’t), but … Continue reading

in the grove

I was pretty excited to receive my Save the Date for one of my all time favorite couples farm wedding yesterday. Not sure how this relates, being it’s in an orange grove, but it seemed oddly appropriate. Or at least it seems the same kind of tone that I am imagining. Well… perhaps not? Let’s … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// abby try again

Not posters, but wall art all the same. I am loving these abby try again prints. Abby is a self-taught photographer living in Portland, OR. I think her eye for color is amazing; truly breathtaking.

…to infinity and beyond!

I think I just quoted Toy Story, which makes light of how awesome this post is. Maybe it was Avatar, maybe it was the fact that for some reason I had David Bowie on the brain this morning (accompanied by the Aladdin Sane cover), but I had the urge to mess around on National Geographic … Continue reading


I swear once you start talking white wood all you see is white wood… This is a photoshoot by Stellan Herner for Elle Interior, styling by Tina Hellberg. … Sigh. I love A-frames. My sister has one and I can’t wait to see it when she finally pulls it all together… I don’t think I’ll … Continue reading


I found these Robert Mars images on, well, fffound the other day, and really enjoyed them. The color schemes are gorgeous. I honestly want to repaint my walls having seen these. They’re filled with old industrial typography. I’m a complete sucker for this. I’m one of those people who would fight to keep up the … Continue reading


Agan Harahap‘s latest photography project called ‘Super Hero’ mixes of memorable political and wartime scenes from the mid-20th century and superheros. Why? Who knows. Super? Yes. (get it, Super… Oh my goodness, I am so glad it is Friday.) I’m not a huge comic geek (shout out to Tiff!) but who doesn’t love Superheros? And … Continue reading