hello my lovely new url!

So, pixelsandarrows.wordpress.com you’ve been fun, but I’m moving on to just plain old pixelsandarrows.com. Please join me there… and I promise I’l be a better blogger.


Does anyone else find images like this oddly romantic? There’s something so sad about what appears to be a city left to decay, but I always have a glass half full feeling about it. It reminds me of the scene in sleeping beauty when the fairies put the whole castle to sleep for 100 years … Continue reading


I have no idea who did these posters. But I like them. Good job HBO. Anyone know who did them? (Sorry I didn’t do my research… SO busy!)


I love a nice modern wedding. Yay stripes and hearts! Totally different but I also really like this almost blind emboss. Yay blind emboss! Yay for you Brisbane, Australia’s bespoke letterpress! I am too busy to do this post justice. Boo Rebecca.


Heading to SXSW (yay!) so taking a tiny hiatus. See you all on the 23rd.

POSTER FRIDAY// adrià fruitós

I’m a bit smitten for this Adrià Fruitós print ‘bear attack’, so I’m making Fruitós my Poster Friday! Seriously though, what is it with me and bear attacks? I mean, it’s not a fluffy bunny. Still, this one has a kind of Yogi the bear meets Roald Dahl quality. If bear attacks aren’t your thing … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// brandon schaefer (by josh)

Is it cheating to let your boyfriend win your blog challenge? Not sure. So, in full disclosure: sorry, but I am totally biased. Plus I’ve actually seen some of these and debated posting about Schaefer before. Also, in Josh’s defense he actually sent me a whole post written out instead of just links. If you’d … Continue reading

dear apple

I’m just going to say it, so far, you jumped the shark. dear Steve Jobs, you better make me regret that statement. … sigh, you didn’t.

smock in support

Hey guys, today and tomorrow (January 20-21) Smock is donating 100% of their sales (excluding custom printing) to Doctors Without Borders to help support the relief efforts in Haiti. So, not only can you get some adorable print work but you can support a really worthy cause. I mean how cute is that “love • … Continue reading

fancy keys

ummm… Lady bug. Owl. Vampire. Elf. ‘nough said. Chris Delorenzo‘s picture keyboard. I would get it for bowie alone… too bad I need to see the keys to type.