the great escape.

Well I’m vacation and thought I’d stop by and say hi. The summer sojourn is almost over and the blog will be back in time for fall, with a new look. So watch out. In the meantime, this city girl is relaxing in the ever lovely (and oh so pregnant!) Ayna’s backyard out in Olympia, … Continue reading

song bird

SPOILER ALERT: Was I the only one who actually expected the birds to figure out how the guitar worked and create a song? … I have seen FAR too many Disney movies. The video comes from The Curve Art series put on by The Barbican Art Gallery. Regarding the project they say: French artist Céleste … Continue reading

The functionality

My friend Emily (Em, do you have a blog?) told me about this show Feel It at W/— Project Space involving her friend Colin, of the functionality. I don’t know much else about it, but I think the posters are beautiful, and that’s always a good enough reason to check something out in my mind. … Continue reading


How cute are these pieces by etsy‘s Chalk Chalk? I mean bicycles and chalk drawings. Swoon.

POSTER FRIDAY// erik otto

I think it all started by David inviting me to grab dinner. Now, as I met David years ago by borrowing hot sauce at a taco stand, we usually go back to the same taco stand when we eat together… I was stuck at work and couldn’t go, but tacos have been on my mind … Continue reading


I found these Robert Mars images on, well, fffound the other day, and really enjoyed them. The color schemes are gorgeous. I honestly want to repaint my walls having seen these. They’re filled with old industrial typography. I’m a complete sucker for this. I’m one of those people who would fight to keep up the … Continue reading

fail harder…

W+K Mantra, created with 150,000 pushpins. W+K = Wieden+Kennedy, an advertising agency, for all those not in the know. The mantra is based on one of, founder, Dan Wieden’s sayings, “You’re only good to me after you’ve made three tremendous mistakes.” So, yeah: Fail Harder. Wieden noted: through failure and mistakes, a kind of chaos … Continue reading

giant rabbits! mountains!

A gigantic  knitted rabbit is part of an art installation on a Mountain Hill (Colletto Fava, 1600m), above the Village of Artesina in Piemonte, Italy. The artists Gelitin (a team of four creatives) took five years to hand-sew the pink bunny, and they state it will be on display for the next 20 years. … … Continue reading