POSTER FRIDAY// curran hatleberg

I know it’s Tuesday, but this was literally my Poster Friday. And by that I mean  didn’t blog on Friday because I was traveling up to Yale to see the MFA photography thesis show—Specifically the work of Curran Hatleberg. There was a lot of work that I really loved (and some I really didn’t), but … Continue reading

not the day for sweaters, but…

Soooooo pricey, but so pretty. Ah, Rachel Comey, as always I adore you. I LOVE patterns… I don’t wear them a ton, but I love them, and that little peek with the button clasp? swoon. Completely unrelated, except for the pattern part, but I’m wearing this dress today (see below.) I think it’s 50s-60s formal … Continue reading

Rube Goldberg

I think it was 5th grade when my class was asked to come up with a self-working pet feeder. I have no idea how mine worked. If there was a contest I didn’t win. All that came out of the experience was the idea that you should always befriend your neighbor, and the understanding that … Continue reading

Lost things

I know this has been all over the blogs already, and I know I’ve said it before, but I love stop motion! Perhaps there will have to be some experimentation in my future… Directed by Angela Kohler (who made this Kindle ad) & boyfriend Ithyle Griffiths. The lady is Alison Sudol of the band A … Continue reading


Speaking of Kuro Interactive (the agency behind Cowboy’s Dreams), I’m kind of head over heels for their business cards. Such a great mix of, well, everything. Look at that type! It just has a very old-timey / modern feel. … Also, look at these job titles? I wish my job sounded so exciting. Seriously, if … Continue reading

howdy do that

I thought I posted this? then I went to look at it and it was gone? or perhaps I just haven’t found it? Either way, here we go again… Sometimes you find yourself trying to convince someone they need a full identity package (not existentially or anything, I’m talking about work, and being a graphic … Continue reading