into the fold

Ah yes, we’re talking about my continued faith in Studio On Fire… Another fine piece of press work off Studio On Fire‘s blog Beast Pieces. This piece was created for Many Folds Farm, the new food adventure of Rebecca and Ross Williams (check out their blog on passion for food and land here.) Unlike many … Continue reading

illustrating a point of view.

While over at Studio on Fire‘s blog, Beast Pieces, I also saw this Wedding invite: The design and type face were created by the groom, Emory Allen, a designer and illustrator. He said: My fiance and I aren’t traditional people and aren’t having a traditional wedding-so why have traditional invites? I created a typeface that … Continue reading


It’s actually really frustrating in design when someone creates your idea before you do. I had half a mind to scan in my sketches for a poster I wanted to letterpress… but hey, I never got around to it, it’s probably not like no one in the world ever thought of this, mine had different … Continue reading