I’m sorry to have been gone so long… and I’ll be gone longer still (headed to the sister’s wedding this week!). But I wanted to give you all a quick splash of color on this lovely day. All photographs taken in Berlin by Matthias Heiderich. Also, a shout out to my lovely Erica and her … Continue reading

like a mondrian mess

I love it when structural meets messy. It’s such a pretty mess. Elisa Strozyk is a textile designer from Berlin. She created a line called “wooden textiles.” I can’t imagine wanting to curl up under one of these, but as rug it would be amazing. Can you imagine it? you know how when a rug … Continue reading

ah berlin.

I was recently introduced to Julia Guther, a Berlin based illustrator and graphic designer. Aside from her Au Revoir Simone album cover that I recognized, I don’t know much about her, but I hope you like her.