the day to day

Hey guys you know how I’m always like Studio On Fire this, Studio On Fire that, by the way Studio On Fire, Studio On Fire, Studio On Fire. Well, they’ve made a 2010 calendar with some amazing contributors, and, as always, impeccable letterpress printing. If you like, you can get one right here. Contributors: Jan/Jul_ … Continue reading


It’s here—the last Friday of 2009. So, fittingly, Poster Friday is a calendar: And a very pretty one at that. Designed by Ghin, a london based creative, who said: I decided to lay out the calendar on a single page, making it possible to view the whole year at a glance. Thus enabling the viewer … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY // ink+wit

Are you looking for some calendars? Because they’re starting to pop-up all over… it’s like a horrible reminder that this year is flying by. Ugh. On the plus side, some cute places are tossing out some nice wall art. The images above are of wit+ink‘s 2010 line. Normally I find wit+ink‘s work to be more … Continue reading