heart of glass

Head over heels for these shots by Johnny Miller. They make me want to scour flea markets and wear sweaters to the beach… They also make want to find that “double rainbow” youtube guy and tell him I’m sorry for laughing. I’m a believer—A simple bit of light and color can truly be amazing. Advertisements


I’m sorry to have been gone so long… and I’ll be gone longer still (headed to the sister’s wedding this week!). But I wanted to give you all a quick splash of color on this lovely day. All photographs taken in Berlin by Matthias Heiderich. Also, a shout out to my lovely Erica and her … Continue reading


I’ve been ogling houses over at Emmas. That’s right folks HOUSE PORN! I know they don’t all come from one house, but they all have a similar feel that I love… Ah, the white space. Ah, wood grain. Ah, the color bursts. Ah, the A-frames. I’m a simple girl; you do all that, THEN you … Continue reading

an honest mess.

I’ll be honest here, I am NOT an organized girl… Most likely this address filer wouldn’t help, but it sure would look pretty on my desk… and who knows maybe I’d end up excited to file things. Though most addresses are on my phone now? I kind of think it’d be an adorable recipe “box.” … Continue reading

Sarah Seven

I feel like I’m somehow constantly putting my foot in my mouth. Not per say now, but I do live in fear that someday I’ll become a bride and find out I want everything I usually say I wouldn’t—like princess dresses. A certain friend, let’s call her Angela, wink wink, recently went wedding dress shopping … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// abby try again

Not posters, but wall art all the same. I am loving these abby try again prints. Abby is a self-taught photographer living in Portland, OR. I think her eye for color is amazing; truly breathtaking.


I’m usually not huge on video, but I trust my friend Dan‘s opinion. And thank goodness for that, because how beautiful is this video? So, a big thank you to Dan for brightening up my morning. … If, like me, you might think you trust Dan’s opinion, you should check out his record label: Friendly … Continue reading

Color splash

Well, it’s Monday and it’s the first day that really feels like fall in NY. I’m not sure what it is but every year we have this day here, where there is a slight chill (though it’s likely in the mid 70s) and every woman in NY dons a black outfit. It’s like the city … Continue reading

This space is cooking!

Yesterday morning on Apartment Therapy there was a piece on  Le Creuset in the home. Now I am not a great cook (re: I’m downright shambles) but I know about Le Creuset and I find their colors delightful. What’s also delightful is this kitchen. Seriously, it’s beautiful. I love the modern feel mixed with the … Continue reading

Color therapy

I’ve been thinking that perhaps I’m lacking a little color in the current blog. I mean dark grain wood is beautiful, but I’m beginning to make myself a little melancholy. Perhaps you can’t see it, but if you saw the file of images I’ve collected to show over the next few days you’d likely pull … Continue reading