Thanks to Zach I’m sitting around playing with color wheels when I should be sleeping. But hey, who doesn’t love color? The website,, breaks down the color wheel for you and provides hex codes for six different types of relationships (for the purpose of this demo we’ll start with a teal, and see how … Continue reading

in the grove

I was pretty excited to receive my Save the Date for one of my all time favorite couples farm wedding yesterday. Not sure how this relates, being it’s in an orange grove, but it seemed oddly appropriate. Or at least it seems the same kind of tone that I am imagining. Well… perhaps not? Let’s … Continue reading

radical cartography

These maps on the historical traces of the Mississippi River, from radical cartography, are gorgeous!  I love it when something practical becomes something whimsical without trying. I knew nature was smart—see: Golden Ratio/ logarithmic spiral/ chambered nautilus—but now I’m pretty certain nature has a sense of humor. As if the narwhal hadn’t already tipped me … Continue reading