1000 words

Well, hello there readers. I’m sorry to have been away. So let’s see, what’s been going on? I went to Panama (fun!) Turned 30 (less fun in general, but a pretty awesome birthday.) Other than that life is fairly the same. There has been lots of work and classes, so hopefully 2011 will lead to … Continue reading


So… the bro lives in Birmingham. The bro and his wife are awesome and I’m sure already know about this, but just in case, I heard Created in Birmingham is having a show called  NOT MY TYPE. It’s a typograohic experiment of 35 different Birmingham based illustrators, designers and artists (such as Jon Burgerman, Sam … Continue reading


I’m headed to Austin for the first time next month (that’s right little sister, Texas!*) I should be planning my music calendar, but instead I doing things like adoring some wedding gala and getting excited to check out the dive bar that hosted it. You can’t really see it, but the bar is called the … Continue reading

howdy do that

I thought I posted this? then I went to look at it and it was gone? or perhaps I just haven’t found it? Either way, here we go again… Sometimes you find yourself trying to convince someone they need a full identity package (not existentially or anything, I’m talking about work, and being a graphic … Continue reading


The LA Times “remembers when smoking was cool” by posting a pretty awesome collection of matchbooks—Definitely worth a look. As a designer I kind of miss collections like this, all those tiny things painstakingly created to have their own distinct personality—Art for brand credibility. I keep trying to think of the modern equivalent, but nothing … Continue reading

…to infinity and beyond!

I think I just quoted Toy Story, which makes light of how awesome this post is. Maybe it was Avatar, maybe it was the fact that for some reason I had David Bowie on the brain this morning (accompanied by the Aladdin Sane cover), but I had the urge to mess around on National Geographic … Continue reading

bits and pieces

I saw these on Design*Sponge recently and fell hopelessly head over heels for a few of the details. They are all from a job by Jessica Helgerson, an interior designer based out of Portland, OR. Thia lamp, by furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue, is absolutely beautiful. And those knitted seats by Christien Meindertsma? Awesome; They’re like … Continue reading

the future of magazines…

Warning… I think this blog may deserve a soapbox. Recently Sports Illustrated released a video about the future of magazines. It involved what one can only imagine is the not yet released “Apple Tablet.” Yesterday, a new video was released by Bonnier Research & Design with design partners BERG. Bonnier is the publisher of Popular … Continue reading

a love letter for you

Last night I was talking to my Dad (hi Dad!) and he pointed out I hadn’t been blogging. I tried to explain about how busy I’d been, but I felt guilty as I was saying it—not that I haven’t been busy, I’d be convinced I had Mono, if it weren’t for the fact that I … Continue reading

QUOTE // Edward Tufte

“Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual.” Words have always been important to me. I can’t spell worth a damn, but I love them. So, now and again, when something strikes my fancy, I’ll be doing QUOTE posts.