Sarah Seven

I feel like I’m somehow constantly putting my foot in my mouth. Not per say now, but I do live in fear that someday I’ll become a bride and find out I want everything I usually say I wouldn’t—like princess dresses. A certain friend, let’s call her Angela, wink wink, recently went wedding dress shopping … Continue reading

wedding belles

One of my many friends getting hitched this year told me she’s planning to wear a nontraditional wedding dress. Oh la la! I thought and my mind went everywhere… but mainly to this 3.1 Phillip Lim Dress. My dear, if you are reading this, I am pretty sure you meant you wanted to wear a … Continue reading


Where would I wear these? No idea. And, let’s be honest, could any of you ever see me wearing these? Probably not. But regardless how beautiful are they? From Rita Saardi‘s Private Garden collection.

Tying the knot

This cute wedding theme by (and for) designer Alyson Fox. The colors are great. The white wood (as blog readers know) I’m always a fan of. And the dress is gorgeous. So delicate, and so personal.