coral & tusk

I saw this little whale in park slope on Sunday when wandering around waiting for brunch with friends. Then today it occurred to me that I had seen it before. In fact I saw it ON FRIDAY. The artist’s website was emailed to me by Claire (and while I’m on the subject Happy Birthday Claire!) … Continue reading

giant rabbits! mountains!

A gigantic¬† knitted rabbit is part of an art installation on a Mountain Hill (Colletto Fava, 1600m), above the Village of Artesina in Piemonte, Italy. The artists Gelitin (a team of four creatives) took five years to hand-sew the pink bunny, and they state it will be on display for the next 20 years. … … Continue reading

Lauri Faggioni

In my own personal crusade to “post happy” I was reminded of Lauri Faggioni‘s work on Design*Sponge‘s guest blog today. Her work has this imaginative, naive quality about it that is always just close enough to creepy to have a little weight to it, but somehow remains happy and innocent… which is good, as this … Continue reading