Spring teaser

How cool is this bouquet I found while looking for Spring inspiration? All of these floral arrangements are by Bornay in Barcelona. You may not be able to go pick some up on Saturday (unless you live in Barcelona), but they sure are pretty to look at. So, I for one am SUPER excited for … Continue reading

a flower by any other name

Is it wrong that I love this head board? I think it might be. Not really for any reason, except that it is decidedly girly, would totally clash with my entire room, and, lets be honest, should I ever live with a guy this probably wouldn’t survive the transition. I mean, it’s certainly not kittens … Continue reading


I’m looking forward to winter because I’m feeling the need to get crafty. Until then, I’ll let other people do it: This is EmersonMade, a fun place where you can buy hand-dyed, hand-stitched, pretty little pieces… or read about ducks, mice and adorable husbands? Now, I do not know if I could actually manage to … Continue reading


Where would I wear these? No idea. And, let’s be honest, could any of you ever see me wearing these? Probably not. But regardless how beautiful are they? From Rita Saardi‘s Private Garden collection.

farmers market

Yay flowers! Yum peaches! Long run, now off to see The Warriors. Good day.

Sky of blue and sea of green

There are a lot of things that I like about what’s going on here. One: yellow. Oh, the happiest of colors! I painted my entire room yellow once. I wanted a citron and it ended up more like the box color of Glad bags. It was not the best, but I became very active. I … Continue reading