bed time.

Sorry the blog has been a bit of a fail this week. I am beat. So it’s not surprise that the design that caught my eye today is bedding. The designs were co-opted from designer Alexander Girard (head of Herman Miller‘s Textile Division 1952 to 1975) for Urban Outfitters. I love how different the two … Continue reading


I saw this on Priya‘s site the other day, and can’t seem to get it out of my head. It’s just so lovely. I mean look at that type, with the flourishes? That’s custom lettering, people. The wood grain photography is also amazing, and the letterpress is divine (another amazing example of the work done … Continue reading

Color therapy

I’ve been thinking that perhaps I’m lacking a little color in the current blog. I mean dark grain wood is beautiful, but I’m beginning to make myself a little melancholy. Perhaps you can’t see it, but if you saw the file of images I’ve collected to show over the next few days you’d likely pull … Continue reading