the great escape.

Well I’m vacation and thought I’d stop by and say hi. The summer sojourn is almost over and the blog will be back in time for fall, with a new look. So watch out. In the meantime, this city girl is relaxing in the ever lovely (and oh so pregnant!) Ayna’s backyard out in Olympia, … Continue reading


I’m not someone who handles being sick well. But here I am (ugh), so I thought maybe I’d at least find you some extra blog posts today. This one comes from a new blog I’ve been reading all the mountains. From what I can tell it is the blog of illustrator Amy Borrell (she also … Continue reading

thr great outdoors

Eating outside is one of the greatest things about Summer. Dinners become epic. People look to squeeze the last ounce out of the day. Bottles of wine seem bottomless… I wish I had a roof to decorate… and a party to throw. I have a desire to string lights and lanterns. I want a picnic … Continue reading

radical cartography

These maps on the historical traces of the Mississippi River, from radical cartography, are gorgeous!  I love it when something practical becomes something whimsical without trying. I knew nature was smart—see: Golden Ratio/ logarithmic spiral/ chambered nautilus—but now I’m pretty certain nature has a sense of humor. As if the narwhal hadn’t already tipped me … Continue reading