This bottle design by Sydney-based design duo Sonny Day and Biddy Maroney, is awesome. I wanted to drink it before I even knew what it was. Turns out it’s beer, so, ya know, bonus. If Nelson Beer ever makes it state-side I’m buying the whole line Advertisements

Designing a difference

Design is as much about solving a problem as it is about aesthetics. Boxed Water is Better was created by two designers who found they had something in common, a hatred of water packaging. Both the regular blue + mountain type hegemony of it’s design and the excess of the packing. Started with the simple … Continue reading

Kids have all the fun

I love seeing student work. There’s always something that makes you think OMIGOD—This piece by Meg Eaton is awesome. It’s playful. It’s educational. And it solves one of my (and most children’s) constant problems: how do I pick between two things? Mambajamba is a new kind of animal cracker that pairs two fun flavors together. … Continue reading

my morning coffee

I saw these images on The Dieline this morning. What’s amazing about them is I immediately wanted a coffee and a croissant. Sadly, Mommy Francis is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Sigh. The design, created by ilovedust of England, took inspiration from traditional home-style cooking and 1920s American restaurants. I’ve never been a huge fan of … Continue reading