POSTER FRIDAY// matthew craven

Last night I went by the SVA MFA open studios. It was, um… interesting. I mean that sounds bad. I’m biased (obviously. this whole blog is biased.) Anyway, I’ve never been a big fan of video art, so most of it wasn’t making it into the diary or anything. Still I really enjoyed the work … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// rifle paper co.

So… maybe not a poster, but a paper product all the same. Anna of Rifle Paper Co. design created these wedding invites for a Brooklyn couple last September. And I adore them. She decided to play up the couples love for the handmade by hand sewing their invitations… Well, one of them. She describes the … Continue reading


As I went to SXSW, and am still behind in my blogging / working / sleeping because of SXSW, it seemed only natural that my POSTER FRIDAY should be about SXSW. So here we go: The South by Southwest film festival—the only major film festival with this award—has presented an award for Excellence in Poster … Continue reading

mark weaver

I am loving this poster! I know it’s not Friday, but we’re doing it anyway! POSTER (FAKE) FRIDAY// Mark Weaver. Weaver has been seen in The New York Times, WIRED Magazine, GOOD Magazine, and Stereogum among others. He’s involved in a project called Make Something Cool Every Day, which is pretty much exactly like it … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// albert exergian

Last night I had a dream I was on 90210 (old school.) I eventually woke up. When I fell back asleep I dreamt I was on a panel of writers/producers/TVexecs and was somehow instrumental in the making of 90210, and was answering questions about it. As I was waking up the only really distinct thing … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// abby try again

Not posters, but wall art all the same. I am loving these abby try again prints. Abby is a self-taught photographer living in Portland, OR. I think her eye for color is amazing; truly breathtaking.


Remember how I for got POSTER FRIDAY last week? Well, this week you get two. YAY! Happy Friday folks. And, if you have it, Happy long weekend! I just have to say it. WHALES! Man, I love whales that smile. It’s almost stupid how cute I find them. The studio is Vahalla. It’s in Kansas … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// friends of type

All other font dorks might be pleased to know Friends of Type has some new posters available. They’re probably not going to make my collection—my walls are looking a little full lately— but, perhaps they’ll find a place with one of you. Friends of Type is in essence a discussion of type between friends… kind … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// ross berens

FRIDAY!!! I am pretty excited about this Friday’s post… it’s out of this world. Hardy har har. The posters are from Ross Berens. I know very little about Berens, except that these are lovely, and dorky and cool, and freaking awesome. I wish I’d had something like them in my science classroom as a child… … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// grady mcferrin

Happy Friday folks! Today’s artist is local Brooklyn… I mean really local. Blocks from me local. His name is Grady McFerrin, and this piece below is what sold me on making him my PosterFriday this week: I mean look at it! (she said excitedly.) GRRR! (bear sound she then made.) Stop it. (she chided herself … Continue reading