POSTER FRIDAY// matthew craven

Last night I went by the SVA MFA open studios. It was, um… interesting. I mean that sounds bad. I’m biased (obviously. this whole blog is biased.) Anyway, I’ve never been a big fan of video art, so most of it wasn’t making it into the diary or anything. Still I really enjoyed the work … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// the Haiti poster project

Merrill sent me these (yay Merrill!) and I meant to get them up in a timely manner, but, alas, life had other plans. So… Anyway… back on April 5th the Haiti Poster Project website launched. The project is the brain-child of Moxie Sozo‘sLeif Steiner (who created the HURRICANE POSTER PROJECT and raised $50,000 for Katrina … Continue reading

a good (alpha)bet

I’ve been down this I heart Jessica Hische road before. But here we go again: Daily Drop Cap, her blog, where a hand-crafted decorative initial cap is posted every day, has a brandnew limited edition print: Ta da! The print is a two color letterpress poster, hand printed at The Arm in Williamsburg (where I … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY // ink+wit

Are you looking for some calendars? Because they’re starting to pop-up all over… it’s like a horrible reminder that this year is flying by. Ugh. On the plus side, some cute places are tossing out some nice wall art. The images above are of wit+ink‘s 2010 line. Normally I find wit+ink‘s work to be more … Continue reading


Now I was one of those people who bought a “For Like Ever” poster. And I love it. I know a lot of people are not into it, but hey, fluorescents and 80’s-esque overly romantic sentiments? Yeah, you won me over… Plus, I mean have you seen The Sandlot? I know this isn’t a quote, … Continue reading