(sorry Shmels) I’m not really sure what it is about this wedding, but it reminds me of my sister. I think it’s what I imagined she might want. There are lots of things I see that make me think of what I thought she would want. (Right now what the wedding will be like is … Continue reading

POSTER FRIDAY// friends of type

All other font dorks might be pleased to know Friends of Type has some new posters available. They’re probably not going to make my collection—my walls are looking a little full lately— but, perhaps they’ll find a place with one of you. Friends of Type is in essence a discussion of type between friends… kind … Continue reading

a love letter for you

Last night I was talking to my Dad (hi Dad!) and he pointed out I hadn’t been blogging. I tried to explain about how busy I’d been, but I felt guilty as I was saying it—not that I haven’t been busy, I’d be convinced I had Mono, if it weren’t for the fact that I … Continue reading


I found these Robert Mars images on, well, fffound the other day, and really enjoyed them. The color schemes are gorgeous. I honestly want to repaint my walls having seen these. They’re filled with old industrial typography. I’m a complete sucker for this. I’m one of those people who would fight to keep up the … Continue reading

this plus that.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ve started thinking about the print aspect of my sister’s wedding. In order to keep costs down it’s best to print everything at once. Meaning within the next month or so we should try to have most of the printed pieces ready to go… My sister’s tastes are … Continue reading


Tania Alvarez created these amazing bits of type, called “Fabric type.” Her site is under construction, you can find her work here. Though what’s going on is beautiful, I almost wish the letter-forms were unraveling, like a sweater, instead of looking like they were caught in a breeze or destroying spider webs.


Ramon Lenherr & Florian Brunner created these posters for OpenAir. Aside from the end result looking great, it just looks like a lot of fun. It kind of makes me wish over the weekend, when debating what to do, someone had said, “why don’t we mold letter forms then run around creating sentences and taking … Continue reading

telephone postal

I saw this on Love Made Visible and fell head over heals. It’s not just that I love typography (these and other images were on view at the Type Directors Club in NYC), it’s the fact that Cardon Webb is making neighborhoods prettier. Just take a look at his mission statement: “Cardon Copy, takes the … Continue reading