I did (or vintage brides)

I just got my vacation cleared so that I can attend two weddings in August. Yay. It’s so exciting! Aside from getting to go to Seattle for the first time and see my long-lost west coast friends I get to see some amazing people get married! (Huge shout out to Gavin & Elizabeth, and Todd … Continue reading


The LA Times “remembers when smoking was cool” by posting a pretty awesome collection of matchbooks—Definitely worth a look. As a designer I kind of miss collections like this, all those tiny things painstakingly created to have their own distinct personality—Art for brand credibility. I keep trying to think of the modern equivalent, but nothing … Continue reading

Vintage Herman Miller

If you’ve got 10 minutes, I promise you these commercials will show Herman Miller in whole new light… … a comical, and crazy sexists new light that is.